Purple G Spot Tickler

Purple G Spot Tickler

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Artistically crafted, purple tinted shaft features curved head for direct G-spot stimulation. Bulbous handle can also be used for creative penetration. Fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic, this toy can be easily cleaned. Retains heat and cold for increased stimulation. Compatible with all lubricants.

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A+ would wank again

Anonymous - July 24 2015

One of my favorites

I really loved this product. I've made 2 videos with it for my clipvia account (hyra56.clipvia.com) and I can honestly say it felt so amazing! It hits the g spot perfectly and I loved the temperature of the glass. Great product.

Anonymous - July 8 2015

fun to start out with

Great to use for exciting foreplay before love making sessions or going solo with as well.

Anonymous - June 26 2015

durable and wonderful

my first glass toy and i love it. especially the shape of it which finds it's way to the g-spot with pinpoint precision. sometimes i run it under hot water so it's nice and warm when i begin.

Anonymous - February 23 2015

Tickle Me Purple

I will admit that I was fearful of the word "glass." I imagined the worst. What if it breaks while I'm using it? What if I drop it? It just might hurt. I thought about how hard & stiff, being handcrafted glass that there would be no give to the product, as in flexibility.

All these thoughts were swept away after my first use of the Purple G-Spot Tickler. I am now a glass dildo fan.

There are no seams in the glass, completely smooth. On the outside of the box it states that it is "one of a kind. Handblown, Handmade and Handcrafted." There are no patterns, no designs, just a very simple glass dildo. There is only a curve at the tip to stimulate your g-spot and a large ball at the bottom for a comfortable grip, which I really do like.

My favorite feature about this glass dildo is that it is hypoallergenic and is extremely easy to clean afterwards. I have used soap & water. I have used alcohol wipes to clean it. Soaked it in hot water. I have towel dried it, air-dried it. Placed it back into the protective foam wrap, stored in its original box.

I enjoyed using this dildo. Starting out fearful of a glass sex toy, I'm looking forward to experiencing more glass dildos. I'm glad that I have it in my growing collection of sex toys. This glass dildo definitely tickled my g-spot.

Anonymous - October 8 2014


this cute little g-spot massager is the perfect toy, it's slim & feels great! i highly suggest buying glass toys, they're hypoallergenic & super easy to clean :)

Kitty - September 12 2014

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